Find out if your money is still available


Escheatment is the process the government uses to transfer assets, in this case unclaimed money, for them to keep. These funds are almost never publicized on the internet thus making it very difficult to find. We are industry leaders in the recovery of unclaimed money and can put a stop to the escheatment of your money but you must take action before it's too late.

The best part of our process is,
There Is No Out Of Pocket Cost to You, EVER
Hundreds of thousands of people are owed lost or unclaimed money held by government agencies. This is a well known fact. Our firm works on a contingency basis meaning we ONLY get paid if we are successful at recovering YOUR MONEY. But there is a given time frame in which the fund can be claimed before the government is allowed to legally keep it. We can prevent this from happening by making a claim before it's too late. CALL 1-800-482-2409 NOW!