FAQ / Process

1. Who are we?

Cash Discoveries, LLC is a small private organization located in South Florida and what we do is audit government agencies in search for lost or unclaimed money that belongs to private individuals and companies. Once we have located the funds, we make it our personal mission to reunite them with their rightful owner. We do this nation wide.

2. Why are you contacting me?

If we have made attempts to reach you by phone, letter, or post card, it is because we have done a recent audit and have discovered a fund that may be owed to you or your business. Call us now! We're available to you at 1-800-482-2409.

3. My family member is no longer living?

Believe it or not, about 40% of our claims are owed to individuals that have passed away. Government agencies sometimes do things or put out information with no rhythm or rhyme. All we know is that there is a fund under your family member’s name which will legally pass down to the their family or heirs.

4. Is this a scam?

This is the most common concern for people. The answer is a big NO. We understand why people are skeptical. I would if I were in your shoes too. Sadly, there are a lot of unscrupulous individuals out there and is why we ask people to do their due diligence before proceeding in any business transaction. However, in order for someone to scam you they would need you to make them some sort of payment either by check or wire transfer into their account, provide them with bank account or credit card information, or personal information such as a social security number. We don’t ask you for any of this so even if that was our intention, there is no way we can harm you.

5. How can I verify that you are a real company?

We are a registered company out of Florida. Please visit www.sunbiz.org. This is the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. On the left hand side of the home page, click on “Search our Records” then click on “Inquire by name”. In the search box type in “Cash Discoveries” and our company will come up. Click on Cash discoveries and you will see our information. We also ask that you go back to our website’s home page and click on “Our License” page. Here you will find our Local Business Tax Receipt, formerly known as an occupational license, along with our Articles of Organization and Certificate of Status. We are also on social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube..

6. How do you know it is me that is owed the money?

Before we attempt to make contact with you, we do an extensive amount of research. We will need to ask you some specific questions before we can make a claim, just to confirm we have the right person.

7. I cannot think of any reason why the government owes me money?

All of our claimants cannot think on any reason why they might be owed money but once we disclose the circumstances that created the fund, you will remember the reason why you, your family member, or your company is owed money.

8. Why am I owed money and who owes it to me?

We can’t wait to tell you and we will as soon as we have a signed collection agreement with you. We provide a service and spend countless hours and resources digging through government files looking for lost or unclaimed money. Surely you can understand why we both need to be protected. If we do not fulfill our end of the bargain then we will be in breach of contract and will be liable.

9. Why is my business owed money?

Just like private individuals can be owed unclaimed money by the government, so can privately owned businesses. If your business is owed money, we will require proof that you are in fact the owner(s).

10. What forms will I be signing?

We only require two forms. The first is our Contingent Fee Service Agreement or Estate Agreement if it’s a deceased family member (you can view a sample of our forms by clicking “Sample Forms” on our home page), which spells out the amount of money we are attempting to recover and the percentage that we will keep from the fund.

The second is a Limited Power of Attorney (also on our "Sample Forms" page). This form allows us to make a claim to the agency that is holding the funds on your behalf. This is an official document and needs to be notarized or no government department will honor it.

If the claimant is deceased, additional documents may be required but that will come from the law firm processing the case.

Again, we ask that you visit our website’s home page and click on the "Sample Forms" link. Here you will see the exact forms you will be signing. These are blank forms that will need to be filled in if you decide to proceed with a claim. We will prepare the forms and get them to you. All government agencies will ask for a copy of a photo ID in order to make sure they are disbursing the money to the right person. This can be given to the attorney if you are not comfortable giving it to us.

11. What is the fastest way to get the paperwork back to you?

The fastest way is to have a public notary meet with you at your residence or wherever you feel comfortable meeting with him or her. The notary will have the documents with them for you to sign and will then email and overnight the documents to us. We prefer this method because we know we will have the documents back to us the same day they are signed. We will pay for this service.

Some people do not feel comfortable having a notary meet them at their place of residence so we can also email the documents directly to you and you can visit your own notary. If you don’t know one we can locate one for you and you can make arrangements with them. Most banks will not notarize a limited power of attorney form but you can ask them if they do. We will reimburse you for the notary cost. It is very important that you scan and email the documents to us before you mail the originals back to us in case they get lost in the mail. Overnight or priority mail is the safest way to mail the documents. Most people live busy lives and do not want to run around town getting this work done and would rather the public notary come to them. We will take care of all the expenses.

Also, Please make a copy of the documents for your records before mailing them.

12. How much work is required from my part?

Very little. Once we receive the paperwork back from you or the notary, we take care of the rest. You will just sit and wait to receive a check in the mail. Most checks will arrive within 60 to 90 days of the claim.

13. How did you get my contact information?

There are multiple people finder systems on the Internet. The ones we use are BeenVerified.com, Intelius.com, TLO.com, and Microbilt.com. These are paid services.

14. How much money is owed to me?

Every case is different but all of our cases are in the thousands. We are not talking of hundreds of dollars. We will disclose the amount as soon as we have a signed agreement from you.

15. How long does the process take?

The typical case takes about 60-90 days.

16. What do you mean by contingency basis?

This means that we only get paid if we are successful at recovering your money. In other words we provide the service first and then we get paid. If we are not successful you will not owe us anything. We will be the ones out the money we invested into the case.

17. What is the most common reason why my money will not be successfully recovered?

The most common reason why we are not able to recover the money is because too much time has passed before the claim is made. There are people who attempt to locate the money themselves and 99% of the time they come back to us. Sadly, sometimes it is too late.

18. Does this money need to be reported to the IRS?

You will need to ask your accountant or CPA.

19. How do we get started?

First thing we need to do is speak with you. Most people choose to call me directly but some people rather communicate by video conference call via Skype or Google Hangout. We need to determine or confirm we have the right claimant so we will be asking you a couple of questions. You then need to decide whether you want to have a notary public meet with you (preferred) or have the documents signed by a notary public of your choice. One we have received the paperwork we will then make a claim to the agency holding the money. From this point it becomes a waiting game. We will continue to update you as the case progresses. Occasionally the agency will request additional documentation but this is rare. We will always walk you through any required steps during the process.

You can call 1-800-482-2409 or fill in your contact information on the bottom right hand corner of our “home page” or our “Contact us”. In the massage section please let us know the best time to reach you or any additional information you want to tell us.

The majority of our cases are processed by attorneys, which you will be in contact with once the process is initiated.

Don't Forget

If a claim for your fund is not made in time, the government has the legal right to keep your money. This time frame differs depending on the government agency holding the funds. We want all of our clients to do there due diligence and feel comfortable with working with us. But we place a big emphasis on making the claim as quickly as possible because the number one reason why claims are unsuccessful is because it was not made in time and we want to prevent this from happening to you.

Call Us! Get Started Now!

If you've received a phone call or a letter from us, it’s because we have discovered a fund that we believe belongs to you. Please contact us by phone as soon as possible so we can start your claim TODAY at 1-800-482-2409.